Welcome to my new website!

I’m excited about the redesign and hope you will enjoy looking around.

The Sporting Life continues to be my source of inspiration to communicate the wonders of the natural world, be it human, animal or landscape.

Light and atmospheric effects give expression to form in space as I search for ways to make each painting a living thing.

The site is organized into sections, including pieces I’ve created through the years (the Gallery), Projects I’m working on currently, original artwork, prints and books offered for sale (the Shop), an About Us section including biographical information on me, my wife, Elizabeth Brandon, a page describing the process we use to create a commissioned work of art (Our Process), an area dedicated to News & Events and a page with a form you can use to Contact us.

My newest project is a Magnum Opus entitled APOKALUPSIS. It is an allegory whose theme is the ultimate mystical truth that all of life is connected, that All is One.

This masterwork project includes a mural based upon the proportion of the Golden Mean and measures eight feet by twelve feet, nine inches. An additional 49 pieces that support the theme accompany the project.

I invite you to explore the story behind Apokalupsis on the website to learn more about it.

With this website, I’m also launching my newly published book entitled, The Sporting Life: The Art of Joseph H. Sulkowski. This book has been three years in planning and production and I’m excited to offer it now – in two editions – to collectors and enthusiasts of art in the classic sporting tradition.

If you have questions or need more information about anything you see on the website, I invite you to contact us. In the meantime, thank you for visiting!