FIRE is the element of our intuitions. A “flash of insight”, “seeing the light”, “like a bolt of lightning” all refer to glimpses from our deeper Self.

FIRE is the burning point symbolizing the pure, sudden illumination which characterizes truth as the utilitarian crust that forms at the moment of revelation.

It is in the giving of oneself to the Fire’s cleansing force that transfiguration and renewal comes. After metaphorically entering the Fire, there remains, uncovered and shining like a diamond, the mystery of our inner divine essence that we share with one another and with all of life.

In the Grail Legend, the cup is the central image of the suffering Christ. The carrying of the cup symbolizes a burning in the “visionary fire”, where the ego is consumed and where love burns away life’s illusions that come from our association with desire and fear, promising a new light into an awareness of the Self at the center that feeds the human soul.

We are all one and many as well. It’s easy and common these days to defend this or that and to forget our shared connection. The problem and the challenge of a transformation of consciousness consists in giving each situation the values that are proper to the two points of view. This is the inward journey, the inward experience, the inward truth which must be found in oneself.

Living in the spirit and communicating in the spirit is available to us all the time. Taking the cover off and shining a light on our common connection to one another is the essential theme of APOKALUPSIS.