For the past several years, I have felt a desire to create a major work of art that would be expressive of my life as an artist.

This vision is now taking form in a “magnum opus” entitled APOKALUPSIS: An Uncovering.

The project consists of a large mural, eight feet by thirteen feet ( a proportion of the Golden Mean ), with an additional forty nine works of art that support the theme.

In the original Greek, “Apokalupsis” means “to uncover” or “to take the cover off”.
The imagery of this masterwork is about taking the cover off the ultimate mystical truth that All of Life is connected, that All is One.

In this allegory*, a pack of Foxhounds is a metaphor for humanity and the landscape they inhabit is symbolic of the field of time and space we occupy and negotiate each and every day.

We humans share a common psychological connection that runs like a deep riverbed through each of us, a kind of Collective Soul, but we are barely even aware of it.
What I want to uncover with this body of work are these common references of existence. By depicting Foxhounds to represent the vitalities and vibrations of the Four Elements, the Five Senses, the Seven Deadly Sins and the Three Graces, I hope to animate these cosmic and iconic energies that may be seen as channels and gateways to transformation and realization of the divine connection we share with one another and with all of life.

The mystery of being of these Foxhounds is identical with the mystery of being of the universe and of oneself. We all belong to the ancient wisdom of “ the pack “ where together we inhabit the timeless world of our own eternal landscape.

Here we realize that we each are the container of all that we love, hate, create and experience.

Please visit my Youtube video for more information on the project including behind the scenes footage in the studio. I will post updates on the progress of the Mural and the individual large scale studies as well. A museum tour is currently being planned with APOKALUPSIS making its debut at the prestigious National Sporting Museum and Library in Middleburg, VA in June, 2022. Additional venues will be announced as they develop.

* allegory is a symbolic representation of truths about human existence