The Four Elements, Quatrain of the Soul

Each life is its own masterpiece. Until one reaches a state of perfection and purification, a life remains a work in progress. Mystics and sages of past ages have identified four primary energy centers in the body as representative of the cosmos. They related them to...

The Element of Fire

FIRE is the element of our intuitions. A “flash of insight”, “seeing the light”, “like a bolt of lightning” all refer to glimpses from our deeper Self. FIRE is the burning point symbolizing the pure, sudden illumination which characterizes truth as the utilitarian...


For the past several years, I have felt a desire to create a major work of art that would be expressive of my life as an artist. This vision is now taking form in a “magnum opus” entitled APOKALUPSIS: An Uncovering. The project consists of a large mural, eight feet by...

Welcome to the New Website

Welcome to my new website!

I’m excited about the redesign and hope you will enjoy looking around.

The Sporting Life continues to be my source of inspiration to communicate the wonders of the natural world, be it human, animal or landscape.

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