Apokalupsis Book


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APOKALUPSIS: An Uncovering is a guide to all the symbolic elements of Joseph Sulkowski’s monumental work that culminates in his 8 feet x 12 feet 9 inch Mural.

In Apokalupsis, Sulkowski translates the human condition and the meaning of life into eloquent canine images, which embody “the ideas and concepts that influence our relationships and awareness of one another, the planet we inhabit and the larger universe.”

His intention is to reveal truths about human existence in this magnum opus of his long career as a much appreciated and internationally collected sporting artist.

Joseph’s style of “poetic realism”, with many inspiring paintings and drawings, captures the emotional effects of light, atmosphere and brushstroke. His artwork is beautifully presented in this handsome book.

The fundamental truth expressed in his masterwork is that “All of life is connected. All is One.”

9 1/2 inches x 13 inches
148 pages